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Location check of wedding venues

Local knowledge of the wedding venue is essential for great wedding photos. Whether it’s the couple photos or the group photo. Thinking about where to take the couple photos on the wedding day is too late in our view.

That’s why we regularly do our location checks and get inspired by the surroundings or the location in advance if we don’t know the place or haven’t been there yet.

If it can be arranged, we will of course try to do the location checks at a similar time of the year and if we have not been on site for a while, then it is also worthwhile to visit again, for example after a renovation or similar.

The best places for couple shots are usually hidden!

Experience and our bridal couples prove us right, because many nice places can only be found after a detailed inspection. Especially because there is no time for it on the actual wedding day either. The day is just as busy for the photographer as it is for the bride and groom, and if they don’t start looking for a suitable location for the wedding photos until the day of the wedding, it’s probably too late for that.

The best place for the group photo at the wedding

Not least also because of the group photo the previous inspection pays off, because depending on the number of guests it is already once important to know in the apron whether for example a ladder is needed or the photo is to be made rather from the balcony. Also, the information from our bridal couples is not always accurate – we know how many guests will fit in a particular place and whether the balcony is suitable or just better to use the ladder. This is especially necessary for a group photo with special shapes (e.g. heart shape).

Even if the location is very imprecise, if the wedding ceremony is held outdoors in the countryside, the prior inspection is also recommended.

Hochzeit im Herzen Wiens

Locationchecks from Itsyourday

Why not take a look at a few places & wedding venues where we have already photographed. You will see that you may not even know many locations and may still experience one or the other surprise.

Get inspiration for your wedding location

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