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Marryoke - the wedding music video!

Always wanted to be the star in your own music video? A Marryoke is a professional music video in which you and the wedding guests sing playback to a song. This trend from America is now also on the rise in Europe and as a professional video production company we are one of the few providers who can also implement Marryokes really professionally.

Why is a Marryoke a popular wedding highlight?

A Marryoke is a professional music video in which the bride and groom and wedding guests sing playback to a song. To slip into different roles, to dress up: This trend from America offers a lot of fun for the whole wedding party. When the grandfather becomes a pop star and the bride’s mother a background singer, it naturally creates a lot of good humor. Likewise, it is extremely exciting for many guests to also experience this shoot as a spectator ‘behind the camera’.

Unlike wedding photos, Marryokes are a great way to keep the memories of your special day fun and interactive. With the wedding film of a different kind, your wedding will be a hit!

What is a marroyke exactly?

A Marryoke is a music video that is shot as a karaoke video during your wedding. According to a shooting schedule, the wedding guests are involved in the marryoke to be shot and as a result, a wedding music video is created. However, it is not really sung, but the mouth movements are cut to the song like a playback.

Where does a Marryoke come from?

The trend of Marryoke comes from the USA and the word Marryoke is composed of Marryingand Karaoke. Thus MarryOke as Marryoke!

On Youtube and Google, as well as on our You-Tube channel, you will find numerous ideas for Marryokes and their implementation. The trend of the Marryokes has actually only arisen with the smartphones, because through this the medium YouTube and videos in general have become much more important. Longer hour-long wedding videos filmed by acquaintances not infrequently end up in the drawer or on some archive folder on the computer, with a Marryoke being posted, shared and viewed umpteen times on smartphones.

How to do a Marryoke?

The Marryoke is shot with normal video cameras, only that – unlike a normal wedding video – you create a shooting schedule in advance, because some things should be discussed in advance. This means, for example, determining the song you want to sing, clarifying which guests will sing along and which verse each guest/fellow will get. We will clarify these things in our personal preliminary talk before your wedding – you will also receive a complete schedule and a finished script from us!

The exact planning or the creation of a script is therefore of great importance, because the entire Marryoke is shot over a period of a few hours and here the flow of the wedding should not be disturbed. The respective “singers” are used “stanza by stanza” and thus the time required for the individual is very small. However, the certainty of the lyrics of the respective “singer” is of particular importance, since it is very quickly recognizable on the video if the song does not exactly match the lip movements.

What are the preparations?

First, the couple chooses the song they want. Then we create a shooting schedule. To do this, we divide the song into lyrics, which are easy to sing, both in terms of length, tempo and rhythm. Here we benefit from decades of experience as musicians and composers. The couple gets the shooting schedule and assigns individual persons and groups for the appropriate positions. The assigned guests should listen to their lyrics, best of all speak along several times or perhaps even practice singing along. Especially motivated guests even practice their own choreographies beforehand. On the big day, the guests are gradually fetched to shoot the music video at different locations away from the actual wedding events. Thus the rest of the wedding party is not disturbed. During highlights such as the cake cut, the opening dance or the bridal bouquet throw, the shooting is of course interrupted so that nobody misses these important moments.

What music suits me and my Marryoke?

The choice of song for your own personal music video is entirely up to you! Do you have a song you listened to on your 1st date or is there a “first kiss song”? Do you have a favorite song together from your favorite band or a favorite movie that always reminds you of your loved one? Whether rock, pop, pop or country – there are no limits to the choice of music at your personal Marryoke.

Our tip: Experience has shown that it is easier for the performers in the Marryoke if you know the song you have to perform. It’s best to discuss this with your guests in advance and don’t worry – in case of unknown songs we will of course try to motivate your guests!

Why do you make a Marryoke?

A Marryoke is a mood booster! Why? The entire wedding party can be involved. Freely according to the motto, everything is allowed, no one is forced. This is exactly the case with the Marryokes – you shoot a wedding video where on the one hand the bride and groom have a great memory of the day and on the other hand the guests can tell a wonderful story. Backed by a mood song that creates a party mood, the result is perfect! In addition, it is ensured that the guests are provided with an “entertainment program” during any “dead times” or waiting periods, which goes far beyond balloon ascents. It is not uncommon for us to shoot the Marryoke during the Agape or when the bride and groom are at the couple shots with our photographer. This ensures that there is no boredom and the mood of the wedding is consistently good.

What makes a good Marryoke?

Motivated and well informed actors are crucial for a good end product. In order to get the feeling of a professional music video even when watching the finished marryo, the synchronous mouth movement and correct rhythm of the text plays an important role. Of course, it’s not necessary to hit the notes during the shooting as the original song is put on top anyway. With a varied location many different settings can be realized in a short time. However, the most important thing is that every guest feels comfortable, all actors have their fun in front of the camera and that everyone can contribute their ideas.

Props give the Marryoke that special something!

When people sing in front of a camera it is not a perfect Marryoke. But if they have the opportunity to dance and dress up, the Marryoke will be the perfect wedding fun. We also have our portable sound/light system with us, so that no matter which location we choose, the perfect sound and light are ensured. Our Marryokes use the best video equipment, perfect sound, perfect light and creative props to make your wedding a huge success.

The way to your personal Marryoke

At the beginning, of course, follows our personal preliminary meeting to first of all clarify all the details personally, then we discuss the script, which we design especially for your wedding and your song. Ideally, a small choreography is also rehearsed in the Marryoke. Very gladly we will help with appropriate suggestions and of course we will give instructions on how to implement this choreography in the wedding video .

The Marryoke is shot during the normal wedding process and we prepare all the details, song lyrics and notes together with you. With our mobile sound system, even the guests will not find it difficult to sing along to the selected song.

With professional editing, perfect sound in brilliant picture quality your Marryoke for your wedding is perfect!

The copyright terms of the music allow us to use music on our Youtube channel via Youtube itself and the system of monetization. The licensor therefore allows the use, but advertisements can be displayed. Thus we deliver all Marryokes directly over our Youtube channel and can be shared with your guests and friends easily and quickly!

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