Project Description

Wedding Video Vienna – Your unforgettable wedding video!

The slight fluttering of the yes-word, the look in love during your ceremony, the applause after the speech of the parents and the catching of the bridal bouquet are just some of the many moments that only a wedding film can capture. 

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From our raw material we additionally produce the main film with a length of about 20-30 minutes. Everything in High Definition with the most professional equipment. We use Steadicam® camera stabilization systems and professional tripods, the sound itself is also recorded separately.

Directs your own wedding video

We let our creativity run free with the wedding video and create for you a wonderful film, where we set your wedding perfectly in scene. Of course, you can also express your wishes in our wedding film, we will try to incorporate them with love.

You are the stars of your day and we will accompany you: From your appointment with the hairdresser and make-up artist, the arrival of the guests, the wedding ceremony and the photo shooting to the celebration – we produce a complete wedding video for you.

Feel the emotions in your Wedding Movie

Show your friends and relatives who couldn’t join you because they live too far away your wedding video or send them a film copy by mail.

Many more demo videos can be viewed via our protected access, we will send you the link after your contact with us! Send us an e-mail or come to our YouTube channel!

Request a wedding video for your wedding now!