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Wedding Videographer Vienna - Your unforgettable wedding video with Itsyourday!

The slight flutter when you say yes, the amorous look during your ceremony, the applause after the parents’ speech and the catching of the bridal bouquet are just a few of the many moments that only a wedding film can capture. Wedding films are becoming increasingly popular – they capture emotions for eternity and are the perfect complement to photos of your wedding.

Experience your wedding every day anew – your story in moving pictures – with our videos! A professional trailer or wedding film of the wedding to review the atmosphere of your wedding for years to come is, along with the photos, one of the most beautiful memories of the wedding. We will be there on the day with our cameras and create a wedding video with your favorite song together, perfect sound and stylish editing.

Eine Sommerhochzeit am Himmel

We work with great music, attention to detail and the highest quality – so a video where no wishes are left open and every moment is captured. We leave nothing to chance but attach great importance to planning so that we are perfectly prepared when we go into action.

We film in Vienna, Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Burgenland and are thus in all of Austria as wedding videographers for you in use!

Contact us with your wedding date and we will plan everything around the video with you!

A day of love and anticipation for the future together - Wedding Videographer Vienna

When the bride and groom slip into their wedding outfits, the shooting for the wedding video begins. Does he put on a tie or bow tie, are the matching cufflinks at hand? The bride has herself decorated, helped to put on her wedding dress and puts on her elegant wedding shoes. Maybe she wears a floral wreath in her hair or a shiny heirloom around her neck. These first impressions on the wedding morning lead into the eventful course of the day.

Each wedding couple has its own story, different wishes and we see capturing the emotions at your wedding celebration not as a job but as a passion with great attention to detail!

The wedding video for the whole wedding day

Whether getting married in a civil ceremony or in church: Both of you saying yes to the question of all questions is the answer that matters today – this is the question every bride and groom must ask themselves. In the wedding film you will see once again how you looked into each other’s eyes on your wedding date.

All these moments will remain unforgettable thanks to our wedding video. You can relive your wedding as many times as you like for the rest of your life.

In addition to the wedding photos, a professionally shot wedding video is ideal for reliving the memories of your wedding over and over again. We are there with our cameras and create a sensitively shot wedding video. Sound and editing quality are perfect and your favorite song can be added as atmospheric sound.

You are the stars of your wedding film!

You are the stars that will be accompanied by us as a wedding videographer. From the hairdresser’s appointment to the arrival of your guests to the wedding ceremony and the wedding waltz, the shooting ranges from which we produce a complete wedding video for you. We put our heart and soul into it and value tangible emotionality on the part of everyone involved.

Friends and relatives who could not celebrate with you will gain an authentic impression of your festive day thanks to a wedding video. You can send them the wedding video so that they can rejoice with you afterwards and enjoy the film and music again with our videos.

When you receive the wedding film we produce, we will provide you with a master cut. On our website there are some examples how your personal wedding video can look like. Through our protected access is possible to view other wedding videos. Upon request, we will gladly send you the corresponding link!


Show your wedding video to your friends and relatives who couldn’t join you because they live too far away (and therefore couldn’t be at the wedding) or send them a copy of the wedding video by mail.

Many more demo videos can be viewed via our protected access, we will gladly send you the link after you contact us! Why not send us an email right now or come to our YouTube channel!

Wedding video Vienna – with the experience of numerous weddings we can offer you something very special. Not only images or photos are important – a video is the perfect complement to a photo.

Why not write to us, send us an email or just pick up the receiver and we'll talk so we can make your wedding extra special.

Who needs a wedding video?

A wedding video is a must for many couples. This way you can capture the most important moments of your big day and relive them over and over again. Wedding videos are a great way to share your special day with family and friends who couldn’t be there in person. They can also be a fun way to look back on your wedding day years later. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to hire a wedding videographer, there are a few reasons why you should consider it.

Why is a wedding video important?

A wedding video is important because it captures the atmosphere and emotions that you and your loved ones experience during your wedding day. Wedding photos are great, but they can’t capture the laughter, tears, and overall feeling of the day as well as a video can. If you want to relive your wedding day and share it with others, a wedding video is essential.


How much does a wedding video cost?

If you are wondering how much a wedding video will cost, the answer can vary greatly. Wedding videographers usually charge between €500 and €5,000+, depending on the level of experience and services offered.

For example, a wedding videographer offering only simple shots of the ceremony and reception might charge a price of €500-€1,000. A videographer who offers a more comprehensive service, including multiple cameras, editing and delivery of a final product, will likely charge €2,000 to €5,000 or more.

When choosing a wedding videographer for the wedding, it is important to consider not only the price, but also the scope of services offered. Ask about the experience of the camera operator, the equipment used (camera, lenses, etc.), how long the shoot will take, and what kind of final product you can expect.

With so many factors to consider, it can be helpful to get several quotes from different videographers before you make a decision. Our wedding video prices are fair, transparent and fit any budget!

Many more demo videos can be viewed via our protected access, we will gladly send you the link after you contact us! Why not send us an email right now or come to our YouTube channel!

Hochzeitsfotos in der Ottakringer Brauerei & Kaasgrabenkirche

Your wedding videographer - wedding films from the professionals from Vienna

With a wedding film, brides and grooms have the chance to capture moments that wouldn’t show up as well in pictures. It is a unique reminder of your very special day. With the wedding reportage, by watching the video, you can take yourself back to the day of your wedding and relive it with all the emotions. Our team is always careful to get the best out of the film sequences. Through total dedication to the editing of your films, we can guarantee a unique quality.

The wedding day is over after 24 hours – but your wedding video will last a lifetime. Just as hopefully you both go through life side by side.