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Engagement shoot, engagement shoot before wedding

As passionate wedding photographers, we are welcome guests at any wedding. Our uncomplicated manner and our appearance do not let us appear as external service providers. We attach particular importance to this!

But the most important thing is that we are a team of freelance photographers, have fun at work and also get along well with each other – we are proud of that!

We support each other, help each other and sometimes even step in for each other when necessary. We are all different personalities and that also helps us to get better every day, to think differently or to change our point of view. We try to see things that are not obvious. We love our work because it is our passion!

However, we have one thing in common: we love weddings and we want to create memories for eternity with our photos as small works of art. That connects us!

What is the Engagement Shoot / Engagement Shoot?

The engagement shoot is a photo session that we do with you before your wedding. Here we have the unique opportunity to get to know each other very early and you can see how we work and already have an impression if you feel comfortable with us and how it will be at the couple shots at your wedding.

We do the shoots in summer, winter, spring and fall!

But the engagement shoot is not only for getting to know each other, because after we usually do the photo shoot very early before your wedding, the photos are also very often used for invitation cards or save-the-date cards.

What are the advantages of Engagement Shooting?

Below you will find the most important points listed why an engagement shooting pays off in any case:


Important tip for the engagement shoot / engagement shooting

Don't get stressed - you need to feel good!

For the engagement shoot, you should allow about 1 to 2 hours. It works best in a relaxed atmosphere and without time pressure. Just be yourself and have fun!

The more time and calm we take for your engagement shoot, the more you will enjoy the photos. The more you focus not on the camera, but on you and your love, the more beautiful, emotional and romantic the photos will be. We only direct this shoot and work discreetly in the background and the main actors are you and your love!

Where will the engagement shoot take place?

We do the engagement shoot where it suits you best. We can go to parks, just where you feel comfortable and we are undisturbed. Often we also meet in a very personal place – a place that connects you! Maybe where the wedding proposal was made? If you do not have any preferences, we will simply suggest a place – in Vienna can this be the Segataya Park be, which captivates with its wonderful plant world and diversity, the Vienna Prater is perfect for extended photo sessions with its myriad of trees, avenues and hidden places, as well as a variety of small ponds.

Also the Danube Canal with its exceptional location, the contrast of city and nature as well as the extensive high road around the Kahlenberg with a myriad of meadows and fields and a breathtaking view over Vienna are excellent places where we can enchant you with our photos even before your wedding.

How long does an engagement shoot last?

The nice thing about engagement shoots is that we have enough time for you. We plan with a duration of about 1-2 hours. With our accessories, we always have one or two creative ideas. First and foremost, of course, we must not forget to appropriately set the scene for the engagement ring. After all, the engagement ring is one of the most important accessories on this day.

If you want to end the engagement shoot in style, just give us a short notice, because then we will make sure that we also have a bottle of champagne in our luggage, where we will be happy to share the first glass with you, but then retire and leave you to the rest of the day.

What ideas are there for an engagement or engagement shoot?

There are a lot of good ideas for the engagement shoot. We like to take some photos with our bridal couples, where we also photograph the wedding, which can also be used perfectly for the wedding invitation . We have chalks, board and other accessories in the luggage, so we can provide you with ideas all around. An invitation card drawn on the floor by yourself, a heart or the specific integration of various traffic signs provides a good basis for creative photos for the wedding invitation. Anyway, especially in an engagement shoot there are no limits to creativity, because here we have enough time for the photos, do not have to be so considerate of a wedding dress or wedding suit. The clothing is rather casual or comfortable and we can try out a lot.

Engagement Video - Your love story on video!

Engagement video is an optimal complement to an engagement shoot. A short trailer of your togetherness and love is a memory to look back on for many years to come.


Convinced by the engagement shoot?

Could we convince you and you feel like an engagement shoot? Perfect! We have already chosen the most amazing locations for the engagement shoot for you and are already looking forward to a great photo session!

Insights from our previous engagement shoots

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