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Itsyourday wedding photographers

As passionate wedding photographers, we are welcome guests at any wedding. Our uncomplicated manner and our appearance do not let us appear as external service providers. We attach particular importance to this!

But the most important thing is that we are a team of freelance photographers, have fun at work and also get along well with each other – we are proud of that!

We support each other, help each other and sometimes even step in for each other when necessary. We are all different personalities and that also helps us to get better every day, to think differently or to change our point of view. We try to see things that are not obvious. We love our work because it is our passion!

However, we have one thing in common: we love weddings and we want to create memories for eternity with our photos as small works of art. That connects us!



Wolfgang is the artistic talent in the field of video productions and video editing & photography and has already a particularly diverse past behind him. After his time as a videographer, he threw himself into wedding photography and is our multi-talent here. After nearly 10 years of experience as an emergency paramedic, he decided to turn his hobby and dream into a career. As a professional musician and sound engineer, Wolfgang has been on the road for 2 decades and has been fully dedicated to videography and video editing for 5 years now. Since Wolfgang has been producing professionally in recording studios for over 10 years, the entry into professional videography was easy for him. His particularly calm manner and relaxed demeanor make him the perfect man behind the camera, and his extensive experience intuitively shows him what wedding videography & wedding photography is all about, allowing him to fully display his artistic talent!

Wedding photographer Vanessa


Vanessa was born in 1992 and after graduating from HBLA she completed the College of Photography and Audiovisual Media at the Graphische in Vienna. Originally working in fashion, Vanessa has discovered her great passion for wedding photography and is a busy and creative photographer herself. Vanessa loves photographing weddings because she loves the mood of the people on that day. and like to think that the pictures and memories you capture during this time for the bride and groom and their family and friends will be of great value for a long time. Vanessa likes duck with red cabbage, watermelon, and of course a piece of chocolate keeps you going day in and day out. She finds the habit of being unpunctual terrible and has been playing the piano for 15 years.



Already in Michaela’s childhood a camera was always her fixed companion; especially in the luggage it could never be missing, because new places and impressions inspire and excite Michaela especially. Besides her professional career in tourism and several years abroad, Michaela lived out her creativity in various, artistic fields and finally found her preferred form of expression in photography. Her favorite subjects were initially street art, animals and plants, but after the first wedding Michaela’s passion for working with people on those special days was already awakened. With her sensitive, humorous and communicative way Michaela accompanies you through your big day and captures with her camera the special, touching and entertaining moments for eternity.

In addition, we are still supported by Joe & Peter, who are also full members of the Itsyourday wedding photography team. At the next team shooting there will be a photo update, where the whole team will be visible for you!

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