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All FAQ's about wedding photography

We can also answer the most important questions in advance, as we are asked these at almost every preliminary meeting. We have created a collection of questions in order to present them to you clearly.

In contrast to other photographers, we also address the topics that may be of a sensitive nature or that are not so readily talked about. It is important to us that we address all issues. So even if the photographer gets sick.

Unfortunately, no one is protected from this and despite a healthy lifestyle, the booked photographer can get sick. Especially in the “cold season” here is the theoretical possibility. If the booked photographer really gets sick, we will contact you immediately. Since we are a team of several photographers, possibly one of our team members can fill in for this wedding.

Our motto in this case would be – immediately consult with the bride and groom as soon as something “announces”!

It’s best to do it right when you know when your wedding date is. Normally, in the high season (from May-September on Fridays or Saturdays) we are well booked 1 year in advance. Interestingly, the most sought-after dates are always different. Sometimes it is 5.5. then again the 14.9. A good middle ground is to book the photographer about 1 year in advance, because then you really have a choice and can pick your wedding photographer.

Our motto is “It’s your day!” We have aligned our work according to these principles. We are dressed like wedding guests, our work clothes, besides the camera, is not a suit or tie, but appropriate for the occasion. Furthermore, our appearance is multilingual – besides German we speak fluent English, French and Spanish! Normally we move in the background, but when it is necessary, we also jump into the flow and become the entertainer. We always succeed in taking photos that are particularly worth seeing when the guests or the bridal couple feel unobserved. When we are perceived like wedding guests, we succeed especially well! For group photos, couple photos, and family photos, we give light, casual, and most importantly, fun comments about the posting that are in no way instructive or unfamiliar to the guests.

We offer everything in photo products, which are available on the market. If we do not create certain products ourselves, we cooperate with professional service providers.

Many. We roughly sort out the photos, but give you a really comprehensive set of photos. A reasonable range is around 60-80 photos we take per hour, depending on how many guests are at a wedding or how much is happening at a wedding. In any case, we don’t shoot randomly in the area to bore you with irrelevant pictures.

We can’t change it, but we can and will make the best of it if the weather gods play tricks on us! Anyway, we always have 2 huge white umbrellas, raincoats with us and if it really rains so hard, we take the photos indoors.

But if you absolutely want to be photographed outdoors, this is of course the best possibility to slip into wedding dress again, when the sun is there and the weather is better and we just catch up with the shooting.

The wedding photographer, as the creator of the photo, is always the owner of the photo and all associated rights of use.

You receive all rights to use the images for your private use. This means that you may post the images on the Internet, publish the images free of charge, make prints and forward or copy the digital data. So actually (almost) everything anyway.

You get all images without watermarks or copyright references!

We may use the photos for promotional purposes on our platforms, but if you don’t want us to, just let us know and the photos will not be published or shown to other wedding couples. No matter how beautiful these pictures are, they will remain safely stored with us according to your express wish!

We take photos both with and without flash. Our lenses and our cameras are extremely sensitive to light and allow photos in low or dark light conditions. With our cameras and lenses we are well prepared for photography in very low light conditions.

The flash itself also has its advantages: We flash indoors only when absolutely necessary and then always indirectly to ensure a perfect exposure, for outdoor shots we use the flash almost not at all, so we combine the advantages of photography without flash with those of flash photography. All a matter of setting and perfect exposure ;-)

Of course! If booked in time, within Europe only the flight costs and any accommodation costs will be charged, which we will coordinate individually with the bridal couple. We will be happy to accompany you from departure for a few days starting with the wedding ceremony abroad, the celebration on the beach and the “day-after” until the return flight. However, depending on the coordination, we can also come directly to you and then leave on the same or the next day. For these arrangements we do not offer all-inclusive prices, but a package individually coordinated with you.

The easiest thing to do is to make a short wedding request. Normally, we respond to your wedding request within 4 hours and you already know whether this date is still available for you.

Then we get to know each other once, best over a good coffee or in winter over a hot tea. We take about 1-2 hours for our meeting and discuss all questions about your wedding, which we answer immediately and incidentally we also create the flow for your wedding. You will then receive this schedule by mail.

This preliminary meeting is completely free of charge and without obligation for both parties. Why? Quite simply, if there is even the slightest doubt of sympathy, we simply do not fit into your wedding party. It is quite important that your photographers fit you. Only if the chemistry is right, the photos will also fit. Even the best photos don’t look as good if you don’t also remember a very personable photographer.

Fortunately, we are a completely different team of photographers, where it is almost difficult to find someone who is not immediately unsympathetic ;-)

After the preliminary meeting you will receive a summary and the offer from us by e-mail. After that you can decide if you want to book us!

As soon as possible! We try to keep the processing time of the photos as short as possible, but it must still be taken into account that we view, develop, re-expose and, if necessary, correct every single wedding photo. Normally, the photos are ready about 14 days after the wedding and can be accessed via our online system!

After we have developed all the wedding photos, we provide the photos in JPG format in high resolution and without watermarks. So you can use the photos for development, photo printing, posters or your wedding photo book. The photos will be delivered to you via our online system. This access is basically unlimited in time. We guarantee a holding time of one year!

Of course! We photograph digitally and create the whole wedding series of all wedding pictures also in black and white on request – we simply discuss the details in person …

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