Wedding video

Moments full of emotion in motion pictures

The butterflies in your stomach when you say “I do”, the loving look during your wedding ceremony, the crowd cheering after your parents’ speech and the bride throwing her bouquet are but a few of the precious moments only a wedding video can adequately capture and convey.

Relive the magic of your wedding again and again! A professional trailer or a wedding film of your big day preserves the atmosphere and special mood of your wedding for years to come and − in addition to your wedding photos − allows you to sit down years later with your children or grandchildren and share that special chapter in your life with them. On the day of the wedding we are filming the events of the day and then put together a final cut using the couple’s favourite song in perfect sound quality as a musical backdrop. Our raw material is turned into a movie with a running time of around 20-30 minutes. Everything in high definition with top professional equipment. We use Steadicam® camera stabilisation systems as well as professional tripods, the sound is recorded separately.

We give free rein to our creativity and put together a wonderful movie with superb coverage of the emotions and highlights of your wedding. We will gladly take your wishes and suggestions for your wedding film into account and incorporate them into our final work of art.

We film you wherever you are – on the beach, in the mountains or on a meadow. We want to convey the atmosphere and therefore take great care to authentically document the setting and scenery you have chosen for your wedding.

You are the stars in the limelight on your special day! We are right beside you from your appointment with the hairdresser and make-up artist via the arrival of your guests, the wedding ceremony and photo shoot all the way to the wedding celebration – all these milestones will be tastefully set in scene in your wedding video.
Your wedding video is an invaluable piece of documentation for friends and family who cannot be with you on your special day, maybe because they live too far away. Watch it together when you meet up with them next time or send them a copy in the mail!

You will receive the Master DVD by post. Should you require further copies, just drop us a line!

Our contracts with Austro Mechana / AKM contain provisions concerning the use of music in videos. This is especially important for our customers as it provides legal certainty. For legal reasons we cannot put sample videos on our website; we appreciate your understanding.

Many of our sample videos can be viewed with password-protected user access. After your initial contact with us we are happy to provide you the link!