your wedding with our team

Your Wedding with Our Team

Your wedding day is not the happy ending, it’s the beginning of a wonderful journey

For us everything revolves around you and your wedding. You’ve been awaiting and planning this wonderful day for a long time and we will do everything to make this day as special as possible for you. Even during the preparation phase you and your wishes are what counts most for us. We help you plan the wedding, have an open ear for any questions you might have and assist in all organisational aspects. On the day of the wedding we stay within close reach, capturing the uniqueness of your wedding as it unfolds. After the wedding we share the common memory of your big day and you can relive those joyous moments any time by simply looking at the everlasting memories we’ve created through our photography. It’s your day!

In an informal consultation we help you plan your perfect wedding day. Thanks to our extensive experience and the numerous weddings we’ve attended, we can answer almost every possible question. Our comprehensive planning questionnaire forms the basis for a structured discussion and ensures that all aspects of the wedding are covered. This informal chat takes place in café or bar of your choice (we’re also happy to meet you at the weekend to fit in with your schedule – it’s our privilege to make the time when you have no time constraints) where we discuss the sequence of the day as well as all your wishes (and concerns, if any).

If you have not planned the exact schedule of the event yet, we will take care of it during our discussion and commit everything to an Excel sheet. There simply is no question you cannot throw at us. The idea of this informal meeting is to get to know each other in person and learn about your ideas and preferences for your big day. This way we can find out straight away if the chemistry is right. And – as we see it, good chemistry is the key to great wedding photos.

Thanks to our extensive consultation we’re fully in the picture regarding your plans for the big day. We try to be as non-intrusive as possible when capturing the true story of your wedding and we only intervene according to your wishes. The more natural and at ease you and your wedding guests are, the more phenomenal the pictures! Due to this relaxed, non-intrusive approach, keeping ourselves in the background − and the fact that we are dressed like other guests, wedding guests often mistake us for friends rather than photographers. They feel comfortable in our company and are therefore at ease in front of the camera − which will in turn clearly show in their natural look in your wedding photos. The nicest compliment we can get is being asked by wedding guests how we know the happy couple.

Of course the classic wedding pictures are also part of the deal, but we are careful not to keep you from your wedding party for too long and together with you we find the best spot in your schedule. We want the photos to be as natural as possible. According to our experience the best pictures are those taken spontaneously or when the bride and groom or wedding guests are unaware of being photographed.

We take modern, creative, extravagant and funny wedding photos, always keeping in mind that classical photos are also part of the package, because we know from experience that people like to look at timeless photos even decades after the wedding. When it comes to choice of style, a nice mixture has proven most effective and popular. 


While you’re comfortably resting at home or in your wedding suite after your wedding celebration, we are already busy editing your wedding photos. Every photograph taken at your wedding is individually developed. Only a few days after the wedding the complete set of photos in high-resolution format − and of course without watermarks − is ready for you to enjoy via our online platform. Your personal access codes allow you to send photos to all your friends and family. Only a few days later you receive our lovingly created wedding DVD with all your photos including full private, non-commercial rights of use.