your wedding with our team


Your wedding day is not the happy ending, it’s the beginning of a wonderful journey

It’s all about a day that may have been eagerly awaited and planned for so long – your wedding. We want to do everything we can to make this one day something special for you. Already in the preparation all our work revolves around you. We support with the planning, are available for all questions and also support with organisational matters. On the day of the wedding we are only a few meters away from you and after you have a day that is kept alive with our photos. It’s your day!

Wedding Photographer ViennaAs part of our comprehensive planning discussion, we will help shape your wedding and with the experience of many weddings, there are few things we have never experienced before. Thus we have an answer to almost every question. Our comprehensive preliminary discussion form guarantees that nothing is forgotten and that we can have a structured conversation with you. We meet for a preliminary meeting in a coffee house or a bar near you (also on weekends – we want to take some time when you have time) and discuss your planned procedure and your wishes (including your worries).

If you don’t have a schedule yet, we can create one right away during our conversation. You can ask us any questions you want. However, it is particularly important that we get to know each other personally and understand what your wishes and ideas are. During our first personal “sniffing” we also know immediately whether the chemistry is right, because if the chemistry is right, then the wedding photos are right, at least that is our opinion.


We know the script of the procedure from the preliminary discussion and only intervene if you wish. The more natural and relaxed everything runs, the more comfortable you feel and the more sensational the photos become. On the contrary, guests often assume that we are friends because we are naturally and discreetly in the background and are dressed like guests. The best compliments are when guests ask us where we know the bridal couple from.

Of course we also take the classic wedding photos, but we do not “kidnap” you from the wedding party for a long time, but integrate this into the process in consultation with you. With the photos it is particularly important for us that these do not look posed. The best photos are taken from the moment or those pictures that have happened in between when the photographer is not the focus of attention.

We take modern, creative and also unusual funny wedding photos, but always keep in mind that there are also the “classic” photos, because after all timeless photos are still beautiful to look at after decades. The mix makes the whole package!


While you sleep comfortably in the honeymoon suite or at home after your wedding celebration, we are already in the reworking of the made photos. Each image that has been taken is developed individually. Just a few days after your wedding you will receive the complete set of high-resolution photos without watermarks via our online system. With your personal access data you have the control to whom you want to send the pictures and to whom not. A few days later we will send you the lovingly designed wedding photos – with all private usage rights for non-commercial use.