Trash the dress

Trash the Dress shoot with our wedding photographers

Trash the Dress sessions are a real sensation. They provide you with the unique opportunity to wear your wedding dress again and make it the highlight of a sensational photo shoot of your dreams. After the wedding the dress usually goes to the cleaner and then – let’s be honest – ends up in your wardrobe to remain there unused for eternity. Heaven forbid even if you were to get married again, no way would you be wearing the same dress. What a waste!

Wedding is when feelings flip flop. Who would not sign it? Nevertheless, wedding is something quite individual. For some, it is the most beautiful day in life that solemnly opens the way of life. With sacred ceremony and subsequent wedding celebration in stylish ambience. For the others the wedding is also pure fairyland feeling, but also a welcome occasion to start the common future with particularly crazy and unusual things.

Trash the dress sessions are the absolute hit and they offer you the ideal opportunity to dress the wedding dress again and make a sensational shoot to your wishes. Most of the time, your wedding dress is hanging in the box and was cleaned after the wedding. It remains in the box, because even if you were to marry again, that would not do in the same dress. So honestly, what brings you this dress now in the clothes box?

One of the exceptional wedding occasions is the “Trash the Dress-Fotoshooting”, where crazy “trash the dress” pictures are made in rather unusual places. But what exactly happens at this so-called “after-wedding shoot?” Does this trend photography really look so “destructive” on the chic wedding dress as the label wants us to believe? One thing in advance: the Trash the Dress-Shooting can be very spectacular and stands for a singular way to stage the wedding remembrance times quite differently.

From where comes the “Trash the dress”

No dress contains as many secrets as the wedding dress. Actually, it is far too bad that the most important dress in the life of a woman may only one day radiate its fascination. Just at this point, the idea of ​​changing the wedding photography is quite different. Namely with a lot of action and boundless imagination. John Michael Cooper, an American wedding photographer, was tired of always showing the same poses and boring statements. His idea of ​​photographing the wedding parade in the most unexpected and bizarre environment met the nerve of the participants.


A trash the dress shoot always takes place after the wedding. And the bridal dress and the suit of the bridegroom are not really destroyed. A bit of ramping maybe.
A professional vigilante will conjure up a matching makeup. One that fits your chosen location. And that should be exactly the opposite of a tranquil pond or a green meadow with ducks. Trash the dress goes differently. Creepy, creepy, twisted. Perhaps even more authentic?

Where to do a Trash the dress shooting?

For a trash-the-dress photoshooting, the location can not fail. The season or the local events certainly play an important role. But also you can transform it with a lot of creativity so that it fits. Why not repeat the hot wedding kiss on an ugly scrap yard between carcasses and scrap press? Or the wedding dance on a muddy building plot? A filthy, old warehouse with collecting machines is as bizarre as a photoshooting on the dunghill or in a totally crowded subway station. The range of crazy ideas can be expanded individually. The wedding clothes must not necessarily be totally trashed.


Our Trash-the-dress sessions are basically quite harmless. We will make this session with you after the wedding, when you have decided to destroy your dress and your suit antatt in the box. You will get a professional make-up from our make-up artist. The day, the locations and the posings are discussed in advance and you decide the tempo yourself. We start very slowly until you forget the camera and what things you want to make you decide for yourself.
A trash-the-dress shoot you can also book at any time, the prices are available online. We recommend to do the trash-the-dress shooting in spring or late summer
During the trash-the-dress session, we will pass the different “stations” and we also ensure that the fun is not missed, we guarantee you!