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We have put together a list for you with the most important questions we hear at practically every first consultation to anticipate some of your questions and give you a good overview.

When should I start looking for a wedding photographer?

Best case scenario: as soon as you have fixed the wedding date. During high season (Fridays and Saturdays from May till September) our schedule is already busy one year in advance. Interestingly enough, popular dates vary. Sometimes couples have their minds set on the 5.5., then again the 14.9. is in huge demand. We recommend you to book your photographer approximately 1 year in advance. This way you keep your options open and really have first choice of your wedding photographer.

What does your appearance look like at a wedding?

Our guiding principle is “It’s your day!” And we apply this rule to all aspects of our work. We are dressed just like wedding guests which means we usually wear a suit and tie (unless otherwise requested). Our team is multilingual: apart from German we are also fluent in English, French and Spanish. As a rule, we keep ourselves in the background; if necessary though, we get into action and turn into entertainers. We always get the best photos when the bride and groom or their wedding guests feel unobserved. This is best achieved if we physically appear as wedding guests mixed in with the crowd. When taking group shots, pictures of the happy couple or family photographs we give simple, casual directions and make funny comments to help with poses, while making sure we don’t come across as bossy.

When will we receive our wedding photos?

As quickly as possible. We try to keep the picture processing period as short as possible bearing in mind that we view, develop, burn, and, if necessary, correct each wedding photo individually. As a rule, the photos are ready for you to enjoy within 14 days after the wedding and can be accessed via our online system. In addition you will get a wedding DVD with all photos delivered to you by post right to your doorstep.

How many photos do we get?

You receive all pictures we take at your wedding. We do not preselect, but leave you – the bride and groom – to decide which photos you like the best. Realistically, we take around 50-100 photos per hour, depending on how many guests there are at your wedding and how eventful the wedding is. We refrain from randomly snapping anything and everything in order not to bore you with a ton of expressionless photographs. If you wish, we gladly make a pre-selection of what we consider the best images, but then you’ll find these in a separate folder on your wedding DVD, but – as mentioned before – you still receive all your wedding photos.

Does your team of photographers also work outside of Austria?

Certainly! When booking a reasonable time in advance we only charge the cost of flights and eventual overnight stays; details are agreed on for each individual case. We are happy to accompany you for a few days on your journey from the departure − starting with the marriage abroad, the celebration on the beach and the day after the wedding up to the arrival back into wedded bliss. Depending on the situation, we can come to you directly and then depart the same or the next day. Such arrangements don’t fall under a package deal; we are happy to put together a service especially tailored to your needs.

In which format are the photos delivered?

After we have developed all wedding photos, you receive the photos in high definition and JPG format, of course without watermarks. This way you can use your photos any way you like: have them developed, print them out, blow them up as posters or use them for your wedding photo book. You can access them with a username and password via our password-protected online system. Your access is unlimited and represents your wedding photo archive. We guarantee to keep your photos on file for at least one year. Additionally, the bride and groom receive a lovingly created wedding photo DVD with a nice cover.

What kind of equipment do you use?

We use our much-loved Nikon D4 camera with a standard focal length ranging from
24-24mm / F2.8
24-70mm / F2.8
70-200mm / F2.8
50mm / F1.8
Plus a teleconverter and many other neat gadgets – everything made by Nikon

In addition, our photographers ALWAYS carry a back-up camera together with backup lenses, just in case the camera, lens or flash should malfunction. So we are be prepared for every eventuality.
We have a portable flash system (Elinchrom Quadra), radio poppers, radio equipment for bigger weddings with two photographers – as well as a huge range of reflectors, sunbouncers, light modifiers, etc. at our disposal.

I would like to book you as my wedding photographers. What do I need to do?

The easiest way is to simply send us a short inquiry for you wedding via our online system. We usually answer all inquiries within 4 hours, so you will know relatively quickly if we are still available on that day.

Then we meet up to get to know each other over a good cup of coffee or a nice hot tea in the wintertime. We like to take about 2 hours for this informal chat and discuss all essential points, answer your questions and at the same time map out and write a plan for the sequence of the day, which we will then send you by e mail.

This consultation is free and non-binding for both sides. How come? Simply because − if there is even the shadow of a doubt whether we are on the same wavelength, we simply do not fit in your wedding party. It is important that your wedding photographers are a good fit. Only if the chemistry is right, the photos will be equally right. Even the best photos will not speak to you if you associate them with a photographer you didn’t get on with.
Luckily, with our team you have the choice from a set of completely different characters, so it will be almost impossible not to find someone you hit it off with straight away.
After the consultation we will send you a summary and the quote via e-mail. Then you can decide if you want to book us!

I simply love black and white photos. Can we get some of those?

Of course you can! We use digital photography and on demand we are happy to additionally provide your whole set of wedding photos in black and white – free of charge, of course.

What if it starts to rain?

Of course we can’t change the weather, but we can and will make the best of it, even if it should rain on your parade. We always carry 2 huge white umbrellas and raincoats … and if the rain is really coming down hard, we take the photos indoors.
However, if you absolutely want outdoor photos, this presents you with the opportunity to wear the wedding dress again when the sun is out and we simply re-do the shoot in good weather.

Do you use flash in church or the registry office?

We take photos with and without flash. Our lenses and cameras are extremely light sensitive and allow us to take pictures even in bad or low-light conditions. With our Nikon D4 camera and lenses with at least F2.8 we are perfectly equipped and prepared for photography under extremely bad light conditions.
The flash itself has its advantages, too. Indoors we (almost) exclusively use indirect flash to ensure well-lit pictures. Outdoors we use the flash solely as fill-flash, thereby combining the advantages of photography with and without flash. It’s really all a matter of setting and perfect exposure.

Do you also offer photo products other than DVD?

We offer all photo products available on the market. For certain products, which we don’t make ourselves, we work together with professional external service providers. Photo prints (photographs, posters, etc.), however, we normally produce ourselves, because with us quality comes first.

What about copyright for the photos?

As the creators of the photographs, the wedding photographer is the owner of the photos and holds all accompanying rights of use.
You are granted full private rights of use for all your wedding photos. This means you can do (almost) everything with them: put them on the internet, publish them non-commercially (without payment changing hands), print them, send them on, copy them in digital format and share them with your friends and family.
You receive all your photos − without watermarks or copyright references − in high-resolution format!

The pictures can be used for advertising purposes on our platforms, but if you disapprove just let us know and they will be neither published nor shown to other couples. Regardless of how beautiful the photos – at your request we will keep them safe under lock and key.

What if the photographer is ill on the day of the wedding?

Unlike other photographers we also like to address issues of a more delicate nature which people don’t generally like to talk about. We consider it important to take all eventualities into account, even the scenario of the photographer getting ill.
Unfortunately, no one is immune against all illnesses and despite a healthy life style, the photographer booked for the day could fall ill. Especially during the cold season this should be considered as a possibility. In case the booked photographer should indeed get ill (which fortunately has never happened to us so far), we will most certainly inform you straight away. Since we are a team of several photographers we have a bit of wiggle room and one of the other team members might be able to step in.
Our motto in this case is to directly contact the bride and groom and discuss possible solutions.

What if the wedding doesn’t take place?

Unforeseen operations, family emergencies, etc. are bad enough when they occur. In this case it is important to let us know as soon as possible. We’ll most certainly find a solution without adding to your problems.

I don’t want our photos popping up anywhere or shown in public.

We take your privacy very seriously. We only publish and show photos if the bride and groom give us their consent. Despite the fact that we as creators are the owners of the photos and therefore the pictures can be used for advertising purposes in accordance with our terms and conditions, we always respect the wishes of our clients.
Most of our couples however feel flattered.